Don’t throw away your toilet paper rolls! Here are 12 ways to reuse them around the house

Recycling your household waste is an excellent way to help protect the environment.

It is everyone’s responsibility to use their creativity to reuse and revalue waste.
What if it was possible to transform used toilet paper rolls? Here are 12 ways to turn them into something useful.

Toilet paper is an essential item in the household basket. Its consumption is high but also the number of waste produced after using this paper.

Thanks to ingenious ideas, it is possible to transform these used toilet paper rolls into magnificent vases, pen holders or scarf holders…

12 Practical Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls

1. Decorative mirror

Add some beautiful decoration to your wall with this stylish mirror. You can do this by cutting the toilet paper roll into small circles, then paint them in the color of your choice and stick them to the edge of the mirror like shown in the photo above.

2. Toy parking lot

To properly store your children’s cars you will need a large box, then stick the toilet paper rolls in rows until the box is full as in the photo above. You can paint the tubes or leave them as is, it’s up to you.

Once the glue is dry, you will have a toy garage for your children.

It’s a perfectly nifty way to keep your child’s toy cars tidy and in one place.

3. Small plant pot

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